Empowering Climate Resilience - CARE


Type and Duration of Financing: ERASMUS+ Programme / Capacity-Building projects in the field of Higher Education (E+CBHE), 24 months: from 15-10-2016 to 14-10-2018
Coordinator: Marcello Magoni with Rachele Radaelli and Giulia Pesaro
Research Facility: CCRR-Lab – Climate Change, Risk and Resilience Laboratory



Project Overview

The project aims to challenge the wide issues tackled by resilience to climate change at urban level by promoting Higher Education Institutions (HEI) staff’s and students’ interdisciplinary skills through the development of innovative educational approaches to planning. Furthermore, it aims to bring the challenge within the core of urban municipalities by training professionals and officers to shape resilient policies.
By focussing on urban resilience, the project addresses one of the most urgent topics in European Union and Latin-America. A common frame of action based on proper shared knowledge and inclusion of all resilience issues is needed. International cooperation is seen as the best-fit environment where to develop joint learning tools, go in depth on peculiar research topics and deliver support to policy makers.

Overall Objective
Developing innovative educational experiences to enhance the knowledge of urban resilience potential to adapt to climate change effects.

Specific Objectives
1. Helping the modernization of higher education curricula and increasing teachers’, researchers’ and students’ knowledge and skills in climate. resilience, while innovating Higher Education teaching and learning practices by using Open Educational Resources.
2. Enacting the participation of teachers and students to develop highly skilled professionals, in order to contribute to properly addressing resilience issues at all levels.
3. Shaping innovative educational methodologies to develop Open Educational Resources for public officers and professionals.
4. Establishing a network among Latin-America, Europe and outside, with the aim of improving their educational capacities in the field of urban and climate resilience.

Methodology and activities
CARE methodology foresees an alternation of desk activities and workshops aimed at the collective production, testing and practical application of open educational materials, namely the CARE Cmaps and the Open Training Modules (OTM).


01.    SPAIN - UPO Universidad Pablo de Olavide
02.    SPAIN - UIM Unión Iberoamericana de Municipalistas
03.    ITALY - POLIMI Politecnico di Milano
04.    ITALY - POLIEDRA Poliedra
05.    ITALY - CRIC Centro Regionale d'Intervento per la Cooperazione Onlus
06.    NETHERLAND - ITC Universiteit Twente
07.    CHILE - UC Pontificia Universidad católica de Chile
08.    CHILE - UDEC Universidad de Concepción
09.    BRAZIL - UFPA Universidad Federal do Pará
10.    BRAZIL - UFABC Fundacao Universidade Federal do ABC
11.    COLOMBIA - UNIBAGUE Universidad de Ibague
12.    COLOMBIA - UT Universidad del Tolima
13.    COLOMBIA - UNAL Universidad Nacional de Colombia
14.    URUGUAY - UDELAR Universidad de la República
15.    ECUADOR - UTE Universidad Tecnlógica Equinoccial
16.    ECUADOR - UTEQ Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo

Impact and Outcomes

The main target group is formed by HEI (Higher Education Institutions) students, professors, and researchers, who will access CARE CMaps and OTM (Open Training Modules) through the project website and platform. Participating organisations will be able to improve their own e-learning platforms and materials, widen the range of their educational activities and strengthen the relationships between academic education and the extra-academic world.

Expected impacts on the participants
- More employment opportunities and better professional placement, obtained by providing interdisciplinary capacities in the fields of urban resilience .
- Networking opportunities at national and international level, provided through the development of contacts with experts, practitioners, and other stakeholders.
- Sharing of a wide range of materials on urban resilience and climate issues.
- Availability of CARE Cmaps and OTM that can be used for upgrading skills, customized professional refreshment or training.

Documents and Materials

  CARE _D.1.1 Kick-off Workshop Report.pdf
  CARE _D.1.2 Shared Knowledge Report.pdf
  CARE _D 1.2.b Bibliography.pdf
  CARE _D.2.1 CMap_1.0.pdf

  CARE Newsletter 1.pdf

  CARE poster.pdf
  CARE panel.pdf
  CARE flyer.pdf