Department sections

 The Department is articulated into Sections, corresponding to the disciplinary macro-sectors, which carry out preliminary assessment and proposals for the Department Council about the teaching staff development plan and the allocation of teaching roles.The currently active Sections are as follows: 

Scientific committee

The Scientific Committee is the Department body that drafts the Scientific Project of the Department and takes care of its implementation. The Committee members are Luca Basso Peressut, Maria Antonietta Crippa, Carolina Di Biase, Carlotta Fontana, Giovanna Fossa, Gabriele Pasqui, Paola Pucci, Raffaele Pugliese, Costanzo Ranci, Rossella Salerno, Ilaria Valente.

Teaching Commission

The Teaching Commission includes those professors of the Department who are Chairs of Study Program Councils, members of the Schools Boards with which the Department is connected, coordinators of teaching activities at the Campuses where Department professors are engaged, as well as two representatives for each Department Section. The Teaching Commission includes the Directors of the Schools of specialisation who are Department professors; if they are not, a delegate is apppointed from among the professors, members of the Council of the School of specialisation, who are associated with the Department.