The Department of Architecture and Urban Studies is a research structure among the most important in Italy in the field of the disciplines of architecture, city and territory. This role is translated in a ample and diversified editorial production investing the many research topics in which the department activities are expressed.

The Department has been publishing for many years Territorio, a scientific journal, started by the existing Department of Architecture and Planning, published by Franco Angeli Edizioni. Territorio collects selected contributions of remarkable scientific quality. In 2012 the Content Selection & Advisory Board of Elsevier entered Territorio in the list of Scopus journals.

The Department also publishes the Departmental series DASTU, recently created and published by Bruno Mondadori.

In 2013, in response to the needs of a more flexible and expanded editorial confrontation between members of the scientific community, it has been established DAStU Working Papers series, which also has its own ISSN. Currently the series mainly collects online contributions produced by professors, fellows, Ph.D students and others who, in various capacities, collaborate to the Department of Research, in order to quickly consult current events and discuss of topics themes.

The editorial production in DAStU brand is coordinated by an Editorial Board of the Department which ensures more effective dissemination of programs and results of research in which the department is involved.

Cospicuous is also the number of publications that the department members and research groups produce with outside publishers, national and international.
The particular nature of the research in the field of architecture and urban studies makes equally nourished both the section concerning the programs and the published projects, related to consulting activities for individuals and local institutions.