Type and Duration of Financing

Fondazione Cariplo, extrabando “Progetti territoriali della Città di Milano e provincia” 2018


Eugenio Morello
with Nicola Colaninno, Giuseppe Salvia

Research Facility

Laboratorio di Simulazione Urbana Fausto Curti



Project Overview

Extended title
Towards climate-proof landscapes for living and working: Adaptation to climate change and improvement of the human comfort in public spaces and work areas in the peri-urban places of Milan

Adaptation to climate change starts with the ability of a city to adequately respond to environmental shocks and stresses. The project proposes an analysis of the main factors of shock and stress related to climate change affecting the City of Milan and the metropolitan belt. After a territorial mapping and a careful environmental and climate analysis of the local context, the project will focus on two main areas of intervention, intended as opportunities for regeneration of peri-urban fabrics, namely: the spaces of work (the productive and commercial areas) and the living spaces (public places in suburban residential areas). On both these areas we want to select – together with the project partners – two pilot projects on which to promote co-design activities with local actors and define demonstration actions with the aid of environmental and climatic simulations, aimed at increasing the adaptation capacity of places.


The project leader is the Metropolitan City of Milan; the Municipality of Milan is a project partner. The scientific activities of the project are conducted by the Polytechnic of Milan, Department of Architecture and Urban Studies, together with IUAV of Venice.

CAP Holding and Assolombarda also support the project.

Impact and Outcomes

Tangible results of the project will be as follows and refer to the whole Metropolitan City of Milano (CMM), with a deeper detail for the pilot areas that represent the peri-urban context of the Metropolitan City:

  • Final report with the preliminary study for the drafting of an analysis protocol and actions for adaptation to climate change, starting from the local scale and specific to the peri-urban context.
  • Two pilot projects on the case studies identified, aimed at testing innovative co-design approaches, simulating and evaluating adaptation scenarios, also with microclimate models, and verifying their acceptance by local actors.
  • Implementation of environmental and climate mapping, with the enrichment of the GIS database of analysis and indicators of the current state in terms of climate and urban structure;
  • Taxonomy of climate-proof urban planning actions.
  • Training activities for technical personnel and professional orders.
  • Definition of a communication strategy on climate change issues in the Milanese area.

Documents and Materials

Please refer to the project website http://www.labsimurb.polimi.it/verso-paesaggi-dellabitare-e-del-lavorare-a-prova-di-clima/ where you will find the latest project updates.