CCRR-Lab – Climate Change, Risk and Resilience

Scientific Coordinator

 Scira Menoni

Scientific Committee

– Andrea Arcidiacono (Referent for ecosystem services)
– Antonello Boatti (Referent for urban planning)
– Andrea Gritti (Referent for risks in urban areas)
– Marcello Magoni (Manager of the Laboratory and Referent for environmental planning)
– Ilaria Mariotti (Referent for environmental economics)
– Scira Menoni (Scientific Coordinator and Referent for Territorial Risks)
– Eugenio Morello (Referent for urban comfort and digital simulation activities)
– Angela Poletti (Referent for environmental assessment)
– Alessandro Rogora (Referent for energy efficiency and building comfort)

Lab Manager

Marcello Magoni


Ruggero Bonisolli, Maria Fiorella Felloni, Rachele Radaelli

Contact and information

Building 29 (ex-Carta), 1st Floor
P.zza Leonardo da Vinci 26, 20133 Milano
E-mail: ccrrlab(at)
Tel: 02 2399.2646
Open: mon-tue-thu-fri 10:00-12:30 / wed 14:00-17:00

Maria Fiorella Felloni
E-mail: mariafiorella.felloni(at)
Tel: 02 2399.5421

Marcello Magoni
E-mail: marcello.magoni(at)
Tel: 02 2399.2648

Rachele Radaelli
E-mail: rachele.radaelli(at)
Tel: 02 2399.2646


Laboratory activities

The CCRR-Lab is set up in order to establish a point of reference for the DAStU in relation to the themes underlying the three key words of its name (climate change, risk and resilience), which refer to research areas of great current interest and significant future prospects, also from the international, European and national funding point of view. These themes have global and local interests and pervasively affect territories, cities, neighborhoods and individual buildings and require solutions that often need decades of implementation, such as the de-carbonization of the economy, urban areas and territorial infrastructures and the reduction of territorial risks to acceptable levels.
The CCRR-Lab develops its activities on two priority macro-themes:
1.    identification and implementation of mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change in the context of spatial planning and governance processes. These measures, that have systemic nature, take also into account questions of territorial security, environmental quality and social equity and will be based primarily on dimensional, localization, mobility and urban planning choices.
2.    identification and implementation of strategies to prevent and respond to natural disasters through the planning and management of the territory at different scales. At the local scale, the attention is paid to the preservation of historic centers with respect to existing risks and their sustainable development from the environmental and adaptation points of view. At the global scale, the attention is paid to the water cycle and to the identification of management models that combine water quality and hydraulic safety.

Services and products

The CCRR-Lab is configured as a service center to support research, teaching and professional activities on the themes of its competence through:
a.    the support for the processing and development of research programs and professional activities and for participation in calls for funding;
b.    the elaboration, organization and proceeding of modules and single lessons for ordinary, third level and post-graduate teaching;
c.    the publication of articles and the collaboration in the editing of books;
d.    the construction of networks with different types of stakeholders (from Polimi to national, European and international level);
e.    the participation and support for the organization of seminars, conventions and conferences.


The CCRR-Lab offers its expertise and provides activities to all the members of the DAStU - professors, researchers, students – and, as a priority, to the members of the Scientific Committee. These services are provided with mutual collaboration, based on agreeing together the times and methods of their execution. The CCRR-Lab is also aimed at public and private external entities interested in using the Laboratory's services and expertise.
The CCRR-Lab guarantees a response to requests received via Laboratory e-mail or e-mails of its members.