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Simone Giostra, Eugenio Morello


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With energy efficiency and rational use of resources becoming the overriding concerns in both new construction and existing buildings, architects have been gradually marginalized in the design and construction processes. The ambition of the program is to reclaim a leading role for the architect in shaping the built environment by re-establishing a correlation between geometry –the traditional domain of the architect -and performance, particularly in the area of energy efficiency in buildings.
The research intends to recast the on-going debate on sustainability in the built environment from a preeminently architectural position by exploring the correlation between form and energy in its various manifestations and at multiple scales. In particular, the scope of the project is to identify energy driven form-finding strategies via algorithmic form optimization for application in the design process, using the latest environmental analysis and parametric design tools.
The ultimate goal of the research is to develop new tools, methods and processes to enable new forms for the built environment, eventually producing a new vocabulary for sustainable construction.


The group offers expertise in the area of energy performance in the built environment on a variety of scales. In particular, Morello specializes in urban environmental quality and urban morphology, with experience in digital simulations and prediction models for the integration of environmental aspects and energy systems within the design of sustainable neighborhoods. Giostra brings 20-year experience in design and construction of advanced building systems to bear on his academic research, focusing on real-word applications of energy technology integrated to buildings and components.
The group has direct knowledge and experience of energy form-finding digital tools and strategies with real-world applications, and the skills to apply last-generation parametric and environmental analyst software to the design problem at hand. Morello and Giostra share a conviction that form and performance are inextricably connected and equally essential to bring about solutions for a more sustainable built environment. Also, they are focused on concrete opportunities to fund and commercialize research projects.